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Hello, my name is Ingrid. I am a Certified Life Coach.

Are you ready for a more peaceful, purposeful, fulfilling, and happy life?

Ingrid Ulaga - DuLove Coaching and Retreats

What I Specialize In?

Healing from
Goal Setting/
(with yourself
and others)
Balancing Masculine
& Feminine Energy
Letting Go Of Limiting BeliefsChanging Your Mindset and Manifesting

Do you feel like you are meant for something more, but you don’t know how to get there?

Are you stuck in past patterns, limiting beliefs and traumas, and don’t know how to get past them?

Do you know what you want in life, but your manifestations are not coming true?

Are you stuck on your spiritual journey?

Do you want to reset your thinking, and your body and finally step into your power?

Explore the options and make it happen!

Coaching sessions

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Proverb

Ready to create your own success story?


Azores Retreats and Coaching - Spice Your Life
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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung, Swis psychiatrist

If you are visiting the island São Miguel – Azores and want something different…

Check out 1-day activities for individuals, couples, and small groups

1-day activities Sao Miguel Azores - Happiness reset retreat

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

-Martin Luther King



“I had an Incredible experience working with Ingrid. She helped me clarify my goals, process past traumas, and overcome limiting beliefs. Ingrid is kind-hearted, knowledgeable, and genuinely dedicated to her client’s growth. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking personal transformation and the courage to face their inner demons. Her recommendations for books and motivational speakers have also been a great source of inspiration. I can’t wait to put everything she taught me to practice. Working with Ingrid has truly been life-changing!”

Serena Malaspina

Serena Malaspina


I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible and unique experience I had. Ingrid, our guide and mentor, played a pivotal role in transforming my perspective on life. By the end of the day, I felt like an entirely new woman, full of empowerment and confidence.
Ingrid’s guidance and teachings on embracing and expressing the divine feminine were simply life-changing. She created a safe and nurturing environment where I could explore and connect with my inner self, allowing me to break free from self-doubt and insecurities.
Since that remarkable day, I wake up each morning with a renewed sense of gratitude for being who I am and for embracing the power of womanhood. Ingrid’s wisdom and support have instilled a lasting sense of empowerment in me.
Thank you for this transformative journey. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to grow and embrace my true self. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to reconnect with their inner strength and embrace their femininity.
With heartfelt appreciation,

Filipa Cabral

Filipa Cabral

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My credentials:

Master certified professional coach certification
Certfied Life Coach Certification

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